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A record number of you took advantage of this insightful survey in 2013 in its tenth year. The research revealed a widening gap and a significantly different approach between world-class sales performers and the rest.  In a seriously challenging business climate, the best were moving away from the rest, winning more and securing greater market share in their sectors. We also had a record number of organisations benchmarking their own sales performance against the data. Our customers obtained a before-training and after-training view of their sales performance – powerful metrics to help them focus their development needs. 2014 Survey Results – No Cost – New features including additional bulletins throughout the year  Now is your chance to get the latest information.  Take part in the 2014 survey.  There is no cost and you will get both a free copy of the survey results and a private invitation to the first webinar exclusively for the participants early next year. In 2014 the Miller Heiman Research Institute also plans to share more research with participants throughout the year, a considerable reward for your participation in the world’s largest sales performance research study. This year’s survey also contains new questions requested by previous participants. When? The survey starts now How long does it take? It’s on line and most people complete it in around 20-30 minutes When do I get my report? The first results are published in February / March 2014 and you will receive an invitation to an exclusive webinar presentation by Joe Galvin – Exec VP and Chief Research Officer – Miller Heiman Can my colleagues get involved? Absolutely.  Please encourage them! Where do I log on? For more information: Contact Stephen Newman at  Tel: Office: +44 1923 818967  Mobile+44 7970 230475