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Winning the “Must Win” Opportunity

It’s been used in many industries. It gives sales professionals a distinct edge, regardless of whether you are selling direct to the customer, or through a channel partner. The Value Wheel, winner of three  sales awards, helps you refine your sales strategy to win those “Must Win” deals. It helps you uncover true, competitive advantage. Whether you are bidding to win a contract with a highly regulated buying process, or fighting competitors who are trying to buy the business by undercutting your price, Value Wheel gives you the initiative.

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We have all heard the mantra, “Sell the value, not the price”. Business schools have written papers on value management. Consulting firms have been retained to construct value-centric sales systems. Training programmes have been designed to teach value based selling. Value Wheel is different, quick and easy. It is a simple tool that recognises every opportunity requires focus and a unique approach. Based on a strategic sourcing model, Value Wheel helps you create winning sales strategies to address the needs-based buying process that every customer goes through before making their decision.

Value Wheel has brought success in many sectors – consumer products, finance, health care, heavy industry, transportation, IT, facilities management and bids for government contracts.  Sales teams have reported big ticket wins, successful negotiations with important key account customers and new collaborative relationships with distributors, agents and brokers. Some organisations have saved time and money by successfully holding their prices and others have closed new business worth € billions.

Building Value Wheel into your sales process

You can introduce the Value Wheel methodology to your organisation and integrate it seamlessly within your current sales process. For example it is very effective when used in conjunction with a Blue or Gold Sheet. Alternatively, we  run “Discovery Days” for teams who are pursuing major contracts and appreciate the value of planning and preparation in advance of critical moments such as customer meetings,  proposal submission etc.

If you are working on an important “must-win” opportunity,  or anticipate some tough negotiations in the future and wish to strengthen your competitive advantage contact me to arrange a demonstration of Value Wheel –  Contact  Stephen Newman on: Telephone: +44 (0)1923 818 967 email: