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Miller Heiman Becomes MHI Global

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The newswires are buzzing as Miller Heiman announces its merger with Achieve Global and Huthwaite (SPIN Selling) . The new group which will be known as MHI Global is now the new global leader and innovator in sales performance.

MHI Global brings together five companies with long history and great reputation of unwavering commitment to customers’ success: Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Channel Enablers and Impact Learning Systems. With this union, MHI Global has unmatched capability to provide our customers with expanded solution portfolios, complementary assets and geographic coverage to allow for even broader worldwide implementations.

Why this union is the best thing to happen in the world of sales performance

MHI Global provides all of the key components of a multi-dimensional and interdependent sales system. Our approach and expanded capabilities support a holistic view of customer management excellence, throughout the customer lifecycle and across the sales enterprise – allowing you to connect with your customer more effectively than ever.

For Miller Heiman customers, MHI Global continues to provide the core programs that have become the gold standard for managing complex sales. And now, with our joint expertise in the areas of sales operations, channel sales, customer service, and human resources, we are able to offer a full solution suite that combines powerful, proven methodologies that strengthen all sales-related functions of the organization. The ultimate goal is to help our customers drive profitable, predictable top-line growth.

MHI Global now provides ALL of the key components of a multi-dimensional and interdependent sales system, the MHI Global Sales System  which provides  a comprehensive suite of resources to help sales and other customer-focused leaders drive growth, including  a core offering to drive customer management excellence worldwide through proven customer management strategies ranging from transactional velocity selling, to strategic complex selling. The new suite contains some of the best known and well-established programmes available worldwide today:-

  • Professional Selling Skills® (PSS from AchieveGlobal)
  • SPIN® (from Huthwaite)
  • Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, and Large Account Management Process (from Miller Heiman)

 Core management strategies that help sales leaders and their organizations get closer to their customers by:

o   Creating opportunities

o   Managing opportunities

o   Managing relationships

Adjacent centers of excellence that support Business Management solutions, including:

o   Management execution

o   People and organization assessment

o   Operations and enablement,

which enable the core strategiesand help anyone in an organization who talks to a customer become more effective.

Strategic analysis and decision-making tools, provided by the MHI Research Institute’s independent, proprietary research.

Our comprehensive MHI Global Sales System, which is our lynchpin  for driving excellence, incorporates the world’s most extensive knowledge base on how to drive customer management excellence and growth. Additionally, the Sales System is a framework to bring together the expertise of the five combined companies that make up MHI Global.

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