The Team: International

Critical Moments have a network of associate offices across: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America, South America and Central America

We understand local business culture and can deliver programmes in more than 20 different languages. Every consultant is an experienced sales professional with an impressive track record of success. We have a deep, practical understanding of the issues and challenges that sales leaders face. Our consultants are fully qualified and accredited Miller Heiman Instructors. You are assured of the same high standards of training programmes and consulting engagements across the world. No matter the size of your team – from 5 to 5000, we promise you a professional solution that will meet your requirements.

  • Brett-Bonser
  • Pascale-Hall
  • Stan-White
  • Matin-Cleman
  • Marcelo-Miraglino
  • Carle-Lopez
  • Reima-Nieminen
  • Michael-Hopke
  • Priya-Scahdev
  • Ennio-Favarato
  • Tadamasa-Okada
  • Nick-Ng
  • Miguel-Angel-Oritz
  • Johan-van-Veen
  • Oliver-Nnona
  • Sarah-Soon
  • Frans-Coenen
  • Stephen-Newman
  • Jerone-Jackson