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If the time is right… Is the time right for you?

So why did I decide to set up Critical-Moments? The time was right and I needed to act. That’s what a Critical Moment is all about. I’ve learned that the actions you take in response to Critical Moments can permanently change an organization and bring about identifiable sales success. Critical Moments are inevitable. But what makes a company successful is knowing how to act on them. OK, now I hear you asking – so what is a Critical Moment? It’s one of the many pivotal points in communication that can effect change. See one. Know one. Act on it. It’s all about timing and learning how it works: Recognition, response and change. So before you start on any business process you need to know the rules of the game. The same applies to effective selling:

  • Executives in organizations have roles to play and rules to follow which determine their actions.
  • Rules and roles define purposes, objects and boundaries
  • Many of these rules and roles are often informal and unwritten
  • Business objectives can be both corporate AND personal
  • Understanding how these rules and roles are played out and dealing with each effectively is an individual Critical Moment in your sales process.

So I took a leap and gave our sales performance consulting, training, and coaching business a new name and a brand of its own – Critical Moments. Because I know sales success is a direct result of identifying each Critical Moment in the sales process and dealing with it effectively.  With my colleagues, I’ve worked closely in a wide range of companies, large and small, across the world. We’ve helped organisations get through some tough times. But more importantly, we’ve learned what it takes to win business. So if you want to improve sales each year, make sure you address your Critical Moments effectively:

In his book ‘Relational Coaching’, Erik de Haan (Programme Director for the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching) describes critical moments as the moments when uncertainties, tensions and anxieties in the relationship between coach and client are put to the test. I believe the same applies to critical moments in selling  – when uncertainties over information, a business relationship, or tensions and anxieties in the sales process need further investigation.

Choices – Yes. Room for Mistakes – No

So how do you get the most from your selling and business development activities? Which sales activities are working well and which need improvement?  What action will you take? When do you decide to use external advisors? How do you get a good return on your investment in sales training? There are so many critical moments in every sales interaction – so much to get right and yet selling is a ‘binary process’. You win or lose! There’s no room for mistakes.

A gold mine of information for you to access

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