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Miller Heiman Becomes MHI Global

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The newswires are buzzing as Miller Heiman announces its merger with Achieve Global and Huthwaite (SPIN Selling) . The new group which will be known as MHI Global is now the new global leader and innovator in sales performance.

MHI Global brings together five companies with long history and great reputation of unwavering commitment to customers’ success: Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Channel Enablers and Impact Learning Systems. With this union, MHI Global has unmatched capability to provide our customers with expanded solution portfolios, complementary assets and geographic coverage to allow for even broader worldwide implementations.

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Winning the “Must Win” Opportunity

It’s been used in many industries. It gives sales professionals a distinct edge, regardless of whether you are selling direct to the customer, or through a channel partner. The Value Wheel, winner of three  sales awards, helps you refine your sales strategy to win those “Must Win” deals. It helps you uncover true, competitive advantage. Whether you are bidding to win a contract with a highly regulated buying process, or fighting competitors who are trying to buy the business by undercutting your price, Value Wheel gives you the initiative.

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A record number of you took advantage of this insightful survey in 2013 in its tenth year. The research revealed a widening gap and a significantly different approach between world-class sales performers and the rest.  In a seriously challenging business climate, the best were moving away from the rest, winning more and securing greater market share in their sectors. We also had a record number of organisations benchmarking their own sales performance against the data. Our customers obtained a before-training and after-training view of their sales performance – powerful metrics to help them focus their development needs. 2014 Survey Results – No Cost – New features including additional bulletins throughout the year  Read the rest of this entry »

Four success stories which could change the way you sell….forever!

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We love ‘thank you’ messages from  customers. One email told us our client (transportation sector) had won a contract  worth €1.6 billion against a strong, preferred, competitor.  The sale looked really difficult but they did it. How? They tell us our Value Wheel workshops made the difference. They influenced the customer’s expected decision. Read the rest of this entry »

Trained to win but equipped to underperform?

You have a ‘must win’ sales meeting or critical business review with a customer. You are about to present your audience with your proposal and plans. You have invested considerable time and effort preparing for this meeting but how much have you invested in making your presentation effective? Read the rest of this entry »

Have Credibility, Will Win

Credibility is part of the sales process, which is often overlooked or taken for granted. Why would you bother to check? Any sales professional probably learned about credibility on their first training programme. Smart appearance, positive and helpful communication, logical reasoning – what else is there to add? You’re credible. Read the rest of this entry »