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Four success stories which could change the way you sell….forever!

Water droplet

We love ‘thank you’ messages from  customers. One email told us our client (transportation sector) had won a contract  worth €1.6 billion against a strong, preferred, competitor.  The sale looked really difficult but they did it. How? They tell us our Value Wheel workshops made the difference. They influenced the customer’s expected decision. Read the rest of this entry »

Accurate Sales Forecasts

There is nothing more frustrating than submitting sales forecasts which turn out to be wildly wrong. Let’s be honest, a high proportion of sales people do not like to disappoint their boss (or themselves) and forecast more prudently. It’s easy to prefer pleasant surprises to unpleasant shocks.

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Two Ways to Sell Beyond the Close

There’s nothing like getting a decent bonus after you win a major contract for your company. However, like most successful salespeople, you’ll understand that while getting the order and receiving a cheque is essential, it is never enough

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Three Tips to Improve Your Sales Calls

You’ve got a hot prospect. You need a face to face opportunity to sell your product and services. So you call up, without an appointment, hoping to catch the decision maker in a rare unscheduled moment. “I was in the vicinity, and thought I’d just say hello.” Well, at least you tried

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What Makes a Winner?

From a Miller Heiman study on Winning Sales Organisations (WSOs) 72% of respondents rely on well-defined methodologies for deciding which opportunities to pursue. That’s almost a third better than other respondents. “!In other words, nearly half the non-WSOs have no standard system for identifying the best opportunities” says Miller Heiman COO Damon Jones, “That’s like fishing wherever you want and hoping that something will bite on your hook”

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