Quotes: What our clients say

  • “Stephen was a wizard in his effectiveness to capture and retain the attention of his audience (our team). I have come away far richer from all that I learnt. I don’t ever recall attending anything that I’ve enjoyed so much, nor one where the coach has managed to keep it interesting throughout.”

    Business Development Manager – Venture Capital

  • “We chose Stephen to be our implementation partner for major accounts development. He delivered several programmes world-wide for us to a multi-cultural audience. He rose to the challenge, and over the weeks delivered to the highest standards and continues to do so.”

    Internal Business Advisor and Project Manager – Global IT Services Company

  • “Stephen has acted as a mentor and coach to me and I am very grateful to have him as a sounding board and for the advice and guidance offered. He is a very impactful and influential senior manager with the gravitas to operate at the most senior levels”

    Project Manager – International Consulting Group

  • “Stephen gave us an excellent 2 days which was very thought provoking. For each of us, this will be a valuable way to plan for our future”

    Sales Manager – Medical Equipment

  • “This proved to be a valuable strategic learning opportunity. I have a better understanding of how to manage my team”

    Account Manager France – Global Technology Group

  • “Stephen gave us a great session for brain storming which helped us develop as a team initiative. It helped us define our strategic position and translate everything into operational action”

    Sales Manager – Global Professional Services Group.

  • “Thanks to our Coach (Stephen), we came together as a team, not just to focus on our strategy but to truly understand the realities of the business we had in our funnel”

    Sales Director – IT Services Public Sector

  • “It was real value to spend time analysing our business in a consistent, sequential, repeatable way. I now know much more now about my customers’ buying behaviour”

    Account Manager – Green Energy

  • “To succeed in today’s business environment, how we communicate, how we truly understand the issues of others and how we differentiate ourselves has never been more important. This development programme has certainly helped”

    Sales Director and Head of Strategy – European Manufacturing Group – Consumer Products

  • “We have sharpened our focus and grown as an organisation, deepening our relationships in ways that benefit both us and our customers”

    Chief Executive – Outsourcing, Business Process and Facilities Management

  • “A very enjoyable workshop. It was truly refreshing to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and see life from their perspective. Two days very well spent”

    Sales Director – Outsourced Services

  • “Stephen brought new ideas, common sense and insights to the session. We now have structure to help us work through what has traditionally been an unstructured and sometimes chaotic process”

    Sales Director Global Recruitment Company

  • “Excellent program, very beneficial to business leaders like myself, who are responsible for tendering for and winning complex pieces of business.”

    New Business Director – HR Consulting Group

  • “Our group needs programs like this to broaden the collective understanding of how to spot business opportunities, pitch for them and win as well as manage our ongoing large-scale programmes. Our processes have been improved immensely now that stakeholders have a common understanding of key business issues. I believe the processes involved engenders a far more collaborative approach and a major improvement in the learning culture of the organisation”

    Divisional Manager – Management Consultancy

  • “Stephen has the experience, maturity and style to convey the key messages very effectively. He is also very pragmatic and helped the group develop action plans for the ‘real world’. An excellent session and would unreservedly recommend Stephen to any of my business contacts!”

    Chief Executive and VC Investor

  • “Even for a new joiner like me, Stephen’s approach was extremely helpful. He broke down difficult and confusing business issues into a number of logical, well-structured questions which were not only easier to deal with, but also consistent with our corporate and personal goals.”

    Sales Executive – Financial Services

  • “Very well delivered and the afternoon of the 2nd day was particularly useful. Thank you very much and especially to Stephen, the Facilitator”

    Sales Manager – Energy

  • “We have also saved considerable cost by using what you have taught us to seriously evaluate all opportunities we are pursuing. In some cases I think we have saved £millions simply by no bidding and walking away. We sometimes forget we have choices.”

    Sales Director – Energy Sector

  • “It was very interesting seeing the awakening in our sales people as the penny began to drop. What we have learned has bought new rigour to our business process and enabling salespeople to concentrate on real opportunities”

    Head of Strategy – Global Outsourcing Group

  • “A very enjoyable experience and in Stephen, an excellent facilitator. His work was well-paced and I didn’t have too much information to read which kept my engagement and interest throughout. Practical workshops were interactive and well thought through”

    General Manager – Global Risk Management

  • “I have realised (even if I knew before) that only I can change the circumstances around me and the way I respond to people and issues. Your coaching has really helped me with that. Thank you.”

    VP Operations – B2B Services

  • “Stephen’s coaching sessions have really made me evaluate my own worth and value to the organisation. I now feel I have choices and control, not the other way round”

    Commercial Manager – Financial Services

  • “Stephen helped me to develop my own ideas and reach more effective conclusions to some challenges which had previously seemed insurmountable. He viewed things objectively yet with empathy and our work together enabled me to develop the skills to do the same. I felt I was being listened to at all times and his constructive approach was instrumental in my understanding of the routes I could take.”

    Business Support Manager – Global Services Group