incore: intelligent solutions from Critical Moments

In this climate, your customers may have their own challenges. They want their suppliers to give them exceptional value. They want to minimise or avoid risks when they buy. They often seek agreement from their colleagues before they decide. It is critical to establish trust, credibility and strengthen relationships at every step in the sales process.

We train, we coach and we consult to help you get the results you want. We work with you to understand your business and your challenges and provide sales performance solutions focused on your needs. Every Consultant who works with our clients has been a successful and effective business leader, facing challenges, achieving targets, developing and implementing strategy and by training and coaching others to be successful. At Critical Moments, we specialise in sales performance improvement. Our business is about helping you achieve the sales results you seek, build competitive advantage, increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty. We will work with you to diagnose sales performance issues and craft innovative solutions for you to improve your “bottom line”

Our clients like us because we help them to build a path to success. We know it can be a challenge. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your team to improve sales effectiveness, transform sales results and profitability. (Link: Testimonials from our clients) The first thing we do is listen. Only then are we able to share our ideas with you, analyse potential benefits and propose a way forward. Change takes time. People learn at their own pace. Instant results from training are rare and hard work is usually needed before success.

Our incore Approach is simple, focusing on three critical success areas:


Because everyone involved in a “must-win” sale needs information in order to respond effectively to the customers’ needs. Read more…


Because during the buying process, customers make meaning of everything you say, write and do. What they think and how they feel about your proposal, your presentation, your discussions determines how they will decide. Read more…


Because the key messages you leave must not only differentiate your solution from the competition. They must also be remembered positively afterwards. Read more…