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Communication is natural. In business, we do it to inform, to sell, to manage, to encourage, to persuade. Most of the time, we are so comfortable that we communicate without thinking too deeply about it. Yet how we speak, how we write, how we present, can be the difference between agreement and disagreement, between success and failure, between winning and losing business. We need to understand our customers and be understood by them.

Effective communication is more important than ever. Having good communication skills is important but it’s not enough. Success today depends on how and what you communicate. This requires knowledge and understanding of your customer, their business and their industry.

Get it right and you create empathy between you and your customer. Get it wrong and you run the risk of injecting uncertainty or negativity into the relationship. Your customers will decide by reviewing their options, by differentiating your proposal from the others.

Hand-Shake-PicEffective customer interaction is not just a skill or a process. It is both and getting people to change how they communicate is not always easy. We have a range of programmes which get to the core of communication, helping you to get the most value from any interaction with your customers. These programmes can be run for individuals and for groups.

incore: communicate