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Why should your customer consider your solution? What value does your proposal bring to their business? The success of every sale depends on your ability to thoroughly investigate each opportunity. That means getting crucial information about your customer’s business and understanding it. Without it, you are left to make assumptions or guess. At the very centre of your effort is your ability to respond to the needs of your customer who has some sort of business strategy already in place. Maybe it’s good, maybe not. What is vitally important is that your investigations provide you with the information you need to understand and respond to your customer’s plans and objectives.

Diagram-PicWe use one of the most effective diagnostic tool sets in the world – The Miller Heiman Sales System – to help you to investigate properly and get the information you need.

Research confirms every time that business leaders who have processes to capture data which help their sales people make informed decisions, are far more likely to succeed compared to those who rely on past experience, assumptions and guesswork.

Having first understood your customers, the next thing to do is ensure your customer management strategies are in place to create new opportunities to keep the funnel full, for managing opportunities to improve win rates and for managing and strengthening relationships to defend against competitors and help those customers become long-term, satisfied clients.

Beyond the strategies are other critical activities. We don’t believe the answer is as simple as “hiring the right people”. Your sales team needs infrastructure and systems in place to support them as they work. In addition, you and your front-line managers need effective plans to ensure that your strategy is being executed, that progress is monitored and measured to help you make adjustments when you need to. Sales leaders think about results. That’s how success is measured. Building a powerful sales system is how success is achieved, consistently and in any economic conditions.

incore: investigate