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The time for the final sales meeting has arrived. You are short listed and are ready to make the final presentation to secure this “must win” deal. A strong proposal and a well-trained team are supporting you. This presentation is critical. You have even rehearsed to ensure you convince the customer’s buying team that you are the best choice.

Is your presentation the best it can be? What are you risking on the last meeting? Remember this:-

  • 85% of presentations and their contents are forgotten in less than 24 hours.
  • Most presentations ignore the fundamental rules of communication.
  • Bullet points do not work.
  • Most presenters lose their audience in the first 5-10 minutes.
  • Most presentations are too long and are often built using short cuts like old recycled slides.
  • A well designed presentation can completely change a purchase decision.

All of these problems can be easily overcome.

It doesn’t make sense. Why invest so much effort and resource and risk everything at the end? resonate is not a reminder to design “pretty PowerPoint”. It is about the psychology of visual communication and getting messages across which engage your audience and are remembered.

resonate is about using psychology, science and creativity to get those final messages right.

With our partners Eyeful Presentations and our professional coaching team we provide a formidable support capability for any Bid Team working on a ‘must win’ deal. We have a remarkable group of presentation designers working in PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, the web and even whiteboards. Behind them is a state of the art design and sound studio for presentation design and rehearsal. Our coaches will support you as you prepare develop your bid management strategy from start to finish and we will not be afraid to challenge your thinking as you consider your options.

incore: resonate