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Have Credibility, Will Win

Credibility is part of the sales process, which is often overlooked or taken for granted. Why would you bother to check? Any sales professional probably learned about credibility on their first training programme. Smart appearance, positive and helpful communication, logical reasoning – what else is there to add? You’re credible. Read the rest of this entry »

If the time is right… Is the time right for you?

So why did I decide to set up Critical-Moments? The time was right and I needed to act. That’s what a Critical Moment is all about. I’ve learned that the actions you take in response to Critical Moments can permanently change an organization and bring about identifiable sales success. Read the rest of this entry »

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About Stephen Newman

I’ve worked and advised at Board level for more than 20 years. But my background is in business management. My passion is to help clients develop sales processes which enable them to address the Critical Moments in every sale and make better decisions.

Stephen Newman

I’ve built two companies from the ground up, selling one to a NASDAQ quoted corporation ten years later and the other has grown to become a Global Top 20 business in its field. I’ve held responsibility for sales strategy, marketing and business development both at Board level and as a member of executive management teams in both public and private companies. Critical Moments is where I see my future.

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