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Winning the “Must Win” Opportunity

It’s been used in many industries. It gives sales professionals a distinct edge, regardless of whether you are selling direct to the customer, or through a channel partner. The Value Wheel, winner of three  sales awards, helps you refine your sales strategy to win those “Must Win” deals. It helps you uncover true, competitive advantage. Whether you are bidding to win a contract with a highly regulated buying process, or fighting competitors who are trying to buy the business by undercutting your price, Value Wheel gives you the initiative.

Value Wheel Slide 3 -key



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We need to hit our numbers

As soon as we know our sales target for the year, most of us start to think about how we will achieve it. “Which contracts are likely to close?” “Which look risky?” and “Do I have a sales process to help me?” Read the rest of this entry »

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